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Ressourzen brings to you thru its eERO initiative “Worlds first enterprise and educational resources outsourcing” consulting company. eERO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ressourzen. It is similar to a BPO or a KPO company in its functioning.

  • What is eERO?
  • What sets eERO apart?
  • How does eERO works?
  • What you Gain?
  • eERO Advantage!

Under the eERO initiative Ressourzen not only provides consultancy advisory services on resource procurement in a transparent manner but also facilitates end to end, customised order execution if need be for companies and educational institutions.

eERO brings to your doorsteps for the first time in the world a core team of technical experts, product specialist & industry thought leaders who not only help design & develop customised solutions for any given budget, but also facilitate resource procurement in various categories where companies and educational institutions do not have the technical skill, capability & expertiseto buy these resources directly from manufacturers across India & globe or does not want to have them.

If required eERO also anchors the order execution in totality offering integrated end to end customised solutions to run your companies or educational institutions more efficientlyalways giving them best quality resource at the lowest price never ever compromising on quality from leading vendors in India and across the globe in a transparent manner. This helps companies and educational institutions to save enormously on the yearly expenses it incurs to procure these resources year on year, every year.

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    • Worlds first and only eERO company
    • Our understanding of industry, category and technology
    • Dedicated team of product specialist, technical experts and industry thought leaders
    • Continuous focus on innovation and excellence
    • Our technology platform and
    • Cost effective integrated solutions

eERO is continuously evolving as a procurement outsourcing arm for companies and educational institutions. Our in house team of product specialist and technical experts in consultation with industry and sector thought leaders ensure that only the most innovative and appropriate product and services of the highest quality reaches you. With eERO’s continuous focus on systems and processes improvement price, quality, and timeliness of delivery schedules is of much lesser worry to all our esteemed customers.

At eERO – we are building one of the largest platforms for companies & educational institutions to come together with Ressourzen so that they can aggregate their resource requirement of similar nature & buy directly from manufacturers across India & globe. As economies of scales comes into play – with the help of our product specialist, technical experts & industry thought leaders we are able to source your given requirements from across India & globe always delivering – the best possible product & services at the best price, without ever compromising on Quality.

We at Ressourzen are also building one of the largest platforms for manufacturers across India & globe to come together to make themselves accessible to our registered customers across the country and overseas for various products & services they sell. Having multiple choices of suppliers for the same product or service always helps our customers to get the best quality product at lowest price as all these deals are anchored by a product specialist at Ressourzen who’s only aim is to get the best for our esteemed customers.

You may let your problems rest in peace with eERO helping you.  We together help you build your business to deliver long term stake holder value & brand equity that not only differentiates you amongst your competitors but also leaves behind a legacy of satisfied customers, employees, management, students, parents & most importantly you our customer,company & educational institutions owner promoters.

      • eERO understands your needs, predicts & helps create future trend.
      • Develops solutions for future need satisfaction.
      • Raise the bar for product performance thru innovation & quality & execute
        customised solutions.

Every year companies & educational institutions like yours need to procure numerous products and services likeComputers, Laptops, I Pads, iPhones and Phones, I Pods, software, training on software’s,digital print solutions, note books, text books,Fabric for uniforms, uniforms for students, teachers, administrators& staff, uniforms for employees & management team,speciality & safety fabric, child safety & office safety products, formal shoes, leather shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes, safety shoes, bags for schools, college bags, lap-top bags, carry bags, bags for teachers & employees, T-Shirts, track suits, formal suits, coats, blazers, cardigans, accessories, stationery and other gifting items. Furniture & fixture, electrical products, electronic items, power savers and invertor solutions, sports equipment’s, setting up of GYM, GYM equipment’s, physical trainers, arts teachers, subject teachers etc. in order to function smoothly. Despite your best efforts, the products you source are often found wanting in quality or on price. Another challenge commonly faced is the timely delivery of resources. This is where eERO comes in.

As a company or educational institution all that is required from you is a list of requirements in various categories with specifications like application of material, quantity of material required, budget etc. eERO will source, analyse, negotiate with various vendors at large on your behalf & provide the best possible options for you to choose from. The decision will be yours w.r.t. the vendors & the commercial terms. Once agreed between you & the vendor, the company & the institution can directly deal with the vendor. If the company or the institution wants eERO to handle the order execution, eERO will then facilitate the procurement & execution of the same.

The biggest gain for companies & educational institutions in coming together anchored by Ressourzen eERO & aggregating their resource requirements is the world of best brands, leading quality manufacturers & suppliers in India & globe opens up for them & along with it access to world class quality, unmatched commercial terms, year on year cost savings, cutting edge innovative & customised solutions in sync with future trends & technical knowhow all anchored by product specialist , technical experts & industry thought leaders at work for you powered by Ressourzen eERO which if they continue to buy individually is not available to them. Even if these iconic brands, manufacturers and suppliers were available – the commercial terms that they can get by coming together & the savings that companies & educational institutions can make is not available to them if they buy themselves as individuals. The power of collective buying for the first time in the world at the customer end of the spectrum is made available to all companies and educational institution by eERO.

Ressourzen welcomes companies & educational institutions to come together to buy together, to buy better. Best possible commercial terms, best quality at the best price – with quality assurance from eERO all these opportunities opens up just by coming together with Ressourzen eERO. Ressourzen eERO welcomes companies & educational institutions to unlock the power of collective buying and to experience the power of what collective buying can get them in savings, quality, better commercial terms and most importantly best value for money year on year, every year for many years to come.

How we manage your resources / eERO’s special focus for educational institutions?

Ressourzen eERO has a fool proof system in place to manage your requirement of school, college & university supplies. Our diverse solutions offer you the benefit of customised & tailor made quality solutions & hassle free dealing. Giving the educational institution ample free time to focus on imparting quality education.

Prompt delivery of supplies

The beginning of academic year is a crucial period, when you must be prepared with your supplies. From Note books, uniforms, shoes, bags, dress material to accessories, t-shirts, track suits, sportswear, sports equipment’s& other essentials for students, to infrastructure such as computers, furniture and projector, all your needs will be taken care of. Now, you needn’t worry about suppliers struggling to meet deadlines. Be it routine or seasonal material, we’ll ensure that reach you well in advance.

Tie-ups with reputed brands

We are associated with national and international manufacturers of educational products. So you can be assured that whether you require note books, uniforms or computers, sportswear or accessories, bags or shoes you will be provided with products of the highest quality most suited to your needs. List of companies with whom Ressourzen has commercial tie is given on a separate annexure.

Reliable Ressourzen Brands

We rely on backward integration to manufacture essential supplies such as note books & uniforms. This means you no longer have to deal with or rely on small unorganised manufacturers. Few of our reliable brands serving companies and educational institution needs are e Gearz, Scholar Shopee, Ecozen, Edu Tourz, Saathvik, Infineartz, 2’nd Chanze, Gutz N Glory, Nostalzia, Hermezires and Mother Tongue. For further details on the various activities of these brands do visit Ressourzen web site or get in touch with our business development representative or send us an email at or

Cost effective solutions

With a presence across several companies & educational institutions we understand the importance of cost efficiency. Our expertise in the field, wide reach & economies of scale help us pass on the cost benefits to you. Companies & educational institutions can now experience the power of what collective buying can unleash in terms of time, resource, quality & cost savings for them and for other associates joining hands with Ressourzen eERO year on year, every year.

Technology solutions advice

We believe technology is invaluable to education delivery and we’ll provide you with all the assistance you require. We will keep you updated on the latest in software and hardware pertaining to education. We will also help you identifying the right computers, servers, projectors & other digital products suited to your specific needs. We have partnered with leading manufacturers off IT products to make sure you get the most appropriate technology.

Identifying New Products

Ressourzen eERO is constantly on the lookout for innovations that can help deliver high quality education. We check out the latest products being used in countries around the world. Once we identify suitable products, we collaborate with developers of educational products to bring them to your educational institutions.


Ressourzen eERO thru its team of product speciality, technical experts & industry thought leaders endeavours based on its understanding of future trends in education in developed & developing countries to developing & delivering cutting edge, innovative, student & teacher friendly solutions which will be used by the education institution over a period of time.  Our expertise in product development will see Ressourzen eERO launch a range of innovative & value added products & services under its own brands which will enhance the experience of enjoying quality education.

       What companies and educational institutions stand to gain

  • Companies big and small to various educational institutions, ranging from schools & colleges to universities having similar needs can come together to pool in their resources / budgets for efficient & cost effective procurement, or simply said – aggregate – come together to buy better.
  • Educational Institutions& companies can make use of the platform being created for the first time, globally by Ressourzen – under its eERO initiative to buy the best possible solution at the lowest price without never ever compromising on the quality.
  • eERO will always keep companies & educational institutionsupdated on the latest innovations, new trends, new research &developments & best practices in the industry.Keeping you ahead of the curve in terms of innovation, quality, better enhanced learning &value added differentiation. Choosing either or all of these criteria will help make the company or educational institution to be a thought pioneer in your respective field and help you set new benchmarks in your field. It will help you establish yourself as a leader amongst your peers.
  • Guaranteed timely delivery of innovative & customised products & solutions, always endeavouring to deliver best quality at best possible prices, creating value through transparent transactions.
  • Access to eERO’s dedicated team of product specialist, technical experts & industry thought leaders in each category. Helping you choose the most appropriate customised solutions keeping your long term goals and business objectives.
  • Access to eERO’s strong network of national and international manufacturers & vendors.
  • eERO’s assurance of quality products at value for money cost, through transparent transactions. Companies and institutions save enormous amounts of time, money, focus, energy, tension and human resource costs, each year that can be allocated for more productive developmental work elsewhere in the company or educational institution. 
  • Assured complete satisfaction of end customers &all stake holders like employees, staff, administrators, management, co-owners, promoters, share & stake holders, students, parents, staff, teachers, administrators & suppliers too,  making you a preferred company to work for or a preferred educational institution to come & study.

      The eERO advantage!

  • For the first time in the world companies big and small &educational institutions ranging from schools and colleges to universities can make use of the platform being created by Ressourzen through its initiative of eERO to come together on a common platform, pool its scarce resources & buy as a single entity to save enormously on cost, get the best quality & the best price and best commercial terms, making use of the technically qualified and competent team of back end product specialist, technical experts and industry thought leaders in each categories at Ressourzen.
  • Use the saved money, year on year to develop it- self further in areas where it needs most.
  • Coming together of companies &educational institutions &will make available to each one – products & service that each one uses – to be of best possible quality at the lowest price along with best commercial terms.
  • Coming together will also give access to each company &educational institutionirrespective of its size, value, volume, reach or turnover access to best quality manufacturers for each of the products & services it uses, which may not have been available to it earlier.
  • For large companies and educational institutions – even if access to global brands & international & national manufacturers is available. Still coming together with Ressourzen eERO opens up an entire world of opportunities of economies of scale, association with like minded and sized companies & educational institutions & most importantly unlock the power of collective buying getting in reward for each one associated – the best possible quality, best rates, best commercial terms, best price & power for customised solutions from best manufacturers in India & globe.
  • Coming together does not take away any of the individual companies or educational institutionsdecision making powers because of the platform being anchored by eERO. It is the only initiative in the world where in like-minded companies & institution come together helped by team of experts at eERO to help them buy better. All the final decisions of what to buy, from whom to buy, or at what commercial terms are decided collectively together as a team and the final decision are taken only by the respective companies and institutions. eERO only creates best possible alternatives& suggests the best options available.
  • Since eERO procures products & services as a large aggregation, it gives eERO & in turn companies &educational institutions better purchasing power. And this, in turn, reflects on the assured quality, integrated &innovative products & solutions followed by cost savingsthese educational institutions &companiesreceive.
  • eERO’s experience & continuous learning leads to ever improving procurement processes, products and services, thereby always raising the bar each year, year on year, every year.